How Much Money Does The English Premier Teams Make?

The English premier league is ranked fourth among the best paying professional leagues worldwide by revenue amounting to 5, 211 million pounds. The league is contested by twenty clubs which will be moved from one division to the other based on how well they perform each season.

The amount earned by each premier team every season is determined by how well they perform with the best performing teams earning the highest amount. The teams that will be ranked as the last are also entitled to a certain amount of money that will be used in preparation for the oncoming championship campaign. In this year’s premier league competition, West Brom is the last and will be taking home 1.9 million pounds.

Besides the money that will be earned from the ranking based on performance, the English premier teams will also be sharing 84.4 million pounds TV rights money and an additional amount that will range from 12.3 million pounds to 38.1 million pounds. The amount that each team will get for the additional amount will depend on the number of the club’s matches that received a live broadcast.

Below is a breakdown of the different categories through which premier league teams will earn money in each season:

  • Actual position at the end of the league: the team that will be at the top of the league will get the highest amount in this category. The last team will earn 1.9 million pounds and with every position further from the last, there will be an additional 1.9 million pounds.
  • Televised matches per team: the team that had the most televised matches will get the highest amount. In this year’s premier league match, Manchester United received the highest amount as it had the most televised matches.
  • TV rights income
  • Equal share among all the participating teams
  • Prize money

A lot of money is at stake when it comes to the English Premier League and the team that will work hard to emerge among the best will take home the highest amount.



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