How Much Does an Airline Make Per Flight?

The amount of money that an airline will earn varies from one airline to the other where some will charge a higher price and end up making more profit whereas others will charge much less which will make their profits much lower. There are other factors as well that will determine how much an airline will earn for each flight such as:

  • Type of airline: Airlines can either be classic or low-cost with the classic airline charging more for their services in exchange for comfort. The clients in a classic flight will be fewer but the high cost that will be charged will compensate for that.

A low-cost flight, on the other hand, will charge a smaller fee but will book more passengers to compensate for the low flight cost.

  • Number of passengers on board: At times, a flight may not be fully booked and some of the seats may be empty at the time of take off. This means that the profit margin for such a flight will be lower than what it would have been if the flight was fully booked.
  • Seasons and times of the day: There are peak seasons where there are many customers and during these times, the cost of flight tickets are very high compared to the low season when an airline has to offer huge incentives to make customers travel at those times. The flight fares will also vary depending on the times of the day or even the specific day of travel which will equally affect the amount that the airline will make per flight.

An airline can make huge profits from carrying cargo or even pets which will compensate for other losses. At times, the amount earned from the extras services will amount to the cost of 15 more passengers on board, which will raise the amount that the airline will earn for that flight.


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